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Tom is an expert at developing innovative strategies and tactics and possesses a deep understanding of sales strategies and sales channels that combine to produce impressive results. With more than 40 years of experience in the medical device industry and executive-level experience with manufacturers and Group Purchasing Organizations [GPOs].

Tom is skilled at launches, start-ups, international distribution, technology assessment, and assessing market feasibility. He has successfully launched several products and hired, coached, trained, motivated, and optimized literally hundreds of independent and distributor sales team members.

Tom is the host of the podcast MedTech Gurus to help medical device executives stay on top of the industry. Check it out on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Tom earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI, and a Master’s in Health Economics from Eastern Michigan University. 

Connect with Tom at or connect with him on Linked In

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Click logo above to access their site

Click logo above to access their site

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