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Certified Pitch Pro Coaches

Sometimes we need a coach to ensure we are executing the program correctly. That's why we certify our coaches.  When you need an expert to expedite your plan, reach out directly to our coaches.

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Thomas Hickey

National Accounts and managing Specialty Sales Channels are critical to launching new medical devices.

My specialty is understanding how IDNs, GPOs and Key Accounts work in this space. Then by aligning the right sales teams with these initiatives the outcome you are looking for is sure to follow. The key is my relationships with the stakeholders in this industry.

I have spent 35 years in the med device industry as an entrepreneur, as a Sales Executive for Medical Device Companies and with a GPO. 

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Frank Ripullo II

Excelerant Consulting is the leader in partnering with medical industry suppliers to promote growth by aligning corporate accounts strategies to advance business activity for its clients. Excelerant serves a variety of suppliers enjoying market access and contract uptake through group purchasing organizations (GPO), integrated delivery networks (IDN), and, regional purchasing coalitions (RPC). To facilitate rapid growth, Excelerant retains an unparalleled network of senior executives. Services include national accounts management, growth planning, contract negotiations, sales, and, marketplace assessment.

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