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Hint 2
The average percentage of early-stage companies that receive money from investors is 5%. 

Over a 4.5-year history of running an angel investment network, we took that percentage up to 34%. A 6X improvement using Pitch Pro.

Developed by investors for CEOs.

One Chance, that's all you get, to connect with investors, don't waste it....

... Learn to pitch like a pro

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Hint 1
Listening to the investors, validate their concerns, then, answer concisely with short sound bites that you can elaborate on during due diligence. 

Hint 3
Designing your message to quickly describe your company's value proposition is vital. Simple-focused and quickly grasped by the investor builds trust. The key foundational element in early stage investing.


Hint 4
See your company from the perspective of the investor. Learn to talk like an investor. The connection will happen quickly.

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