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One Chance, that's all you get, to connect with investors, don't waste it....

... Learn to pitch like a pro

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Hint 1
Listening to the investors, validate their concerns, then, answer concisely with short sound bites that you can elaborate on during due diligence. 

Hint 3
Designing your message to quickly describe your company's value proposition is vital. Simple-focused and quickly grasped by the investor builds trust. The key foundational element in early stage investing.


Hint 4
See your company from the perspective of the investor. Learn to talk like an investor. The connection will happen quickly.

Pitch Pro raises 6X the funding compared to other coaching methods.


Hint 2
The average percentage of early-stage companies that receive money from investors is 5%. 

Over a 4.5-year history of running an angel investment network, we took that percentage up to 34%. A 6X improvement using Pitch Pro.

Developed by investors for CEOs.

Roll over the numbers to see a few great hints on how to build your deck/

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